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Jin Shin Jyutsu for the Reno-Sparks NV area

 Located at 626 Humboldt Street in Reno

What our clients are saying...

"From the moment I met both Kathleen and Daniel I knew I was in good hands.
They have a superb knowledge and skills of Jin Shin Jyutsu with such a personalable manner that I look forward to my visit everytime.  I have been seeing them for over four years and it has given me a new support system for my ailments including a maintenance program and an ability to practice preventive medicine.  Jin Shin Jyutsu is an extrodinary art of healing that has no sideaffects and is so non-threatening for people with sensitive systems. 
I would advocate Jin Shin Jyutsu for anyone at any age especially at the hands of Kathleen and Daniel. They are so caring and so good at what they do you can't help but feel impressed with their dedication and sincere efforts in helping you feel better.  Love is all around the room and your body can't help but respond positively. So put your trust with them, you will be glad you did."
 - CG Northern California-Lake Tahoe

"I have been going to Kathleen for almost 3 years.  Everytime I see her, my stress and tension just melts away.  I have never felt more calm and relaxed in my entire life.  I truly did not know what it felt like to be balanced until now.  Kathleen has changed my life and I can't thank her enough.  I would highly recommend Jin Shin Jyutsu to anyone."
 - S. Walker - Reno, NV

As a Clinical Psychologist I'm tuned in to what works and what doesn't. Since 1990, Kathleen's Jin Shin Jyutsu work has swept me through surgeries, breast cancer, and emotional losses. I've recovered more quickly than others and suffered far less pain.

In my early 60's I can still ride horses 10 hours a day for days at a time and not hurt. In my experience, this treatment is miraculous!!
- Rebecca Jankovich,  Ph.D

After many years of searching I found Kathleen and am able to vouch for her ability to help me find a calm and peaceful way to live my life. Jin Shin Jyutsu as experienced through Kathleen has helped me for 8 years+ find balance.  I can’t imagine not having my sessions with her and value her abilities. She has become a  friend as well as an additional source to rely upon in my search for a healthy lifestyle. She is on my gratitude list often
JLA - Reno, NV

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